Building for Africa

Since 2014, we have provided trainings to our cohorts and the general public in Nigeria. However, we kept receiving email's and calls, from across Africa and beyond the continent, asking us how they can become cohorts.

We listened, tested it and have now released Fastlaunch AIR; African's across the continent and those in diaspora can access any of our training courses wherever they are and thereafter apply for business funding.

Map of Africa

You may be having that butterfly feeling to create a business; do not ignore it. Nurture the butterfly.

You may be working a 9-to-5 job, still a student or just graduated, this is for you; we have provided short courses for you, which are designed to prepare and support you in creating your innovative business, whether it's in tech, health, finance, an eco-solution or any other.

We want to see you build-out your amazing solution, and we are there with you all the way. And when you have completed any course, you can submit your idea or business solution to us for funding.

Africa is counting on you!

We have thought about your needs

The best innovations take craftmanship and time to come to life.


Take a course anywhere you are and at whatever time is best suits you.

Set your time

You are under no pressure to complete a course; study at your pace.


When you complete a course, you can apply for funding.



Make them smile

Happiness has a lot to do with revenue.

Helping you design and launch products and services that make your customers happy and excite your brand name

Here, you will learn how to differentiate between happiness and pleasure, can money buy happiness and what this could mean for your business and client's.

Access happiness here.

Dynamic planning

This is a simple, easy to understand and interactive approach to creating your business plan.

At the end of the course, you will understand the different segments, how they relate with one another, view test cases and have the chance to create a business model, using the canvas, of your very own business.

Create your business model here.


Build for impact

The best products are created with deep insights from client's.

It may be assumed getting data or doing a research to get one is all about creating a good product. Not quite. The flow of the system, how it interacts with customers and their views on it, are key.

Get your hands dirty by working in the field with your target market here.

Leave a legacy

What effect do you want to leave society with?

This course will help you think about the past, current and future, intended or not, consequences your product can have in it's target market.

Coming soon.


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